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The National Academy of  Finance is a college-preparatory  program. Its mission is to encourage high school students to take courses in financial studies and related disciplines.  By doing so, students gain valuable knowledge to prepare for meaningful careers in business and to build  personal wealth.

The Academy of Finance is one of the four member programs sponsored by the National Academy Foundation (AOF, AOIT, AOHT, AOE). It is a small learning community that offers high school students an opportunity to study accounting, international trade, leadership, and the use of technology in preparing for college and the financial services industry.

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Academy students gain a solid business and financial education, an understanding of sound business practices, and corporate workplace etiquette standards. Students will be able to participate in a variety of business classes that will enhance their knowledge on business fundamentals.



Academy of Finance students build strong communication skills that will allow them to succeed in the business world. In every Finance class communication skills are essential. Therefore the classes are designed for students to work together to create presentations, and then present in a professional manner.



-New York trip: The annual New York trip is a lot of fun. We spend the day in the City. LAst year, we got to go to the Federal Reserve. We also, get go to Wall Street. It is a great way to learn and just have a good time with our friends in the academy.

-Lunch and Learn: Quarterly Lunch and Learns are a real treat. We have professionals from different fields in the business world come in and talk to us about what they do, and what we could do to get into that profession. From Entrepreneurs to Insurance agents to Accountants, we have learned about a lot of different jobs. It is really cool to know what we are learning now is being applied by professionals in their respected fields.

-Graduation: Academy of Finance senoirs that have complated all of the requirements will get a seperategraduation just for themselves as well as recieve a chord and medallion at the class wide graduation.

2016-2017 NYC trip